As a yard we have Gary Harland, an excellent farrier, who comes every 6 weeks to the horses. Gary is very experienced and works very closely with vets if your horse requires any special shoeing. However if you want your own farrier that’s fine!



Hard at work!!!!!
Carly is our head girl, she has been with us
5 years and she is both caring and very
professional in the way she works in the yard.
All the horses get the individual care they need
and she takes pride in how they are all turned
This is a service tailored for each horses needs. They are looked after as if they were our own.
They are mucked out every day and their rugs changed, feet picked out etc. Your tack is
cleaned every day and your horse is thoroughly strapped to keep his coat and skin in good
condition. Their manes and tails are pulled if required. All feed and bedding is included in the
price but you are asked to provide your own supplements. Most of the stables can see
Through to their neighbour so that your horse has company, but we have a few on their own
for those that like their own space and no onlookers!!!
This is just one of the injuries
we have treated here. It was
quite a mess when we first saw
It and it needed many weeks of
bandaging, but as you can see
we got there in the end and the
horse was soon back in work
and went back to her owner fit
and ready to go!
This is entirely structured to each horses needs. Be it total box rest or gentle walking exercise.
We work closely with your vet to ensure your horse is back to full health as soon as possible.
The horsewalker is wonderful for this as we can put your horse on for just 5 minutes to start with
and build it up as he gets stronger. We have nursed horses back from tendon injuries that have
gone on to have a successful eventing career as well as bad injuries like the knee below.

Stewart Mechie M.R.C.V.S. Said:
Cathy’s wound dressing and bandaging skills are a great asset for the ongoing management of
wounds that can be treated at the yard.
This is whatever you would like us to do for you and your horse, within reason!! It can just
Be some schooling while you go away on holiday, or it can be longer term and we can help you
bring your horse on and go up the grades at dressage or the dressage for eventing.
It can be short or long term and we will also take your horse in for selling, so that all the stress
of this heartbreaking decision is taken out of it for you. We will do all the advertising and you
can just leave us to it or come and meet the people who come and try your horse. We will
always try and do the best possible job at fixing your horse up with a good new owner who
care for him as you have.
Our shavings beds are deep!!
The rooms with a view!!
Our current project is a pedal
bone scrape after an abcess
that just wouldn’t drain even
after 2 vet visits and 5 farrier
visits.  It is healing really well
and hopefully she will be
back doing some gentle
exercise in the next couple of
We also have a resident in at
the moment for the horse
walker that is recovering from
a suspensary injury.